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Born near Paris, Hélène has since childhood devoted her free time to creativity and learning.

Endowed with great curiosity and this desire to learn about everything, it's finally biology that she will study.

In 2009, she will obtain her Bachelor in Biochemistry and will work for 3 years, in different research laboratories in Paris.

Following a Burn Out, she will decide to radically change her life. 
Looking for happiness and personal fulfilment, she will live in Dublin (Ireland) for a year and then in the city of Florence in Italy.

Amazed by the masterpieces of Italian Painters and the beauty of this city museum, she will reconnect with her artistic side. Photography, writing, making videos, but especially drawing.

After travelling for a while, she will settle down on Inis Mòr, Aran Islands (County Galway, Ireland) where she has been working as a Hostel Manager since April 2017.


Possessing an innate hypersensitivity and suffering from anxiety, art appears to her as therapeutic at first.

A way to channel her incessant thoughts and to free herself from anxiety and intense emotions. 

Leaving freedom to her intuition to guide her pencil, Hélène loves drawing abstract art, inspired by different cultures, beliefs and alternative healing therapies. 

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