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Embrace strength and protection with these captivating Celtic Shield Knot Charm Earrings, adorned with genuine Connemara Marble Beads and 925 Sterling Silver Hooks. 


✨ Key Features ✨


☘️  Celtic Shield Knot Charms: Each earring showcases a Celtic Shield Knot charm, symbolizing protection, strength, and unity. Embrace the profound meaning of this ancient symbol and wear it as a talisman.


🍀 Authentic Connemara Marble: Adorned with genuine Connemara Marble beads, these earrings boast a mesmerizing green hue reminiscent of Ireland's lush landscapes. Each bead carries its unique natural patterns, making your earrings truly one-of-a-kind.


🔒 Secure 925 Silver Hooks: Fitted with hypoallergenic and durable 925 Sterling Silver Hooks, these earrings offer a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring you can wear them with ease throughout the day.


🎁 Thoughtful Gift: Whether it's for a loved one who cherishes Celtic heritage or a special treat for yourself, these earrings make a meaningful gift, encapsulating the essence of Celtic symbolism and the beauty of Connemara Marble. Earrings are presented in an elegant Jewellery Box with a black foam insert (86x86mm).


💧 Care Instructions: To preserve the brilliance of your earrings, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and perfumes. Gently clean with a soft, dry cloth when needed.


✨ Specifications ✨
📏 Length: Approximately 55mm
📏 Bead Size: Approximately 8 mm
📏 Double-sided Shield Knot Charm, colour Silver (18 x 16 mm)
🔖 Material: Genuine Connemara Marble, 925 Sterling Silver



Shield Knot Earrings with Connemara Marble Beads

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