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Embrace the wisdom and mystery of the night with these captivating Owl Charm Earrings, adorned with genuine Connemara Marble Beads and gracefully handcrafted with 925 Sterling Silver Hooks. Inspired by the symbolism of the wise owl and the natural beauty of Ireland, these earrings are a delightful combination of elegance and enchantment.


โœจ Key Features โœจ

๐Ÿฆ‰ Enchanting Owl Charms: Each earring features an intricately detailed Owl charm, symbolizing wisdom, intuition, and insight. Embrace the profound essence of these mystical creatures and carry their wisdom with you.


๐Ÿ€ Authentic Connemara Marble: Adorned with genuine Connemara Marble beads, these earrings boast a mesmerizing green hue that reflects the serene landscapes of Ireland. Each bead is a unique piece of nature's art, making your earrings one-of-a-kind.


๐Ÿ”’ Secure 925 Silver Hooks: Fitted with hypoallergenic and durable 925 Sterling Silver Hooks, these earrings provide a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring you can wear them with ease all day long.


๐ŸŽ Thoughtful Gift: Whether it's for a loved one who appreciates the beauty of nature or a treat for yourself, these earrings make a meaningful gift, carrying the essence of wisdom and the allure of Connemara Marble.


๐Ÿž๏ธ Connection to Nature: Drawing inspiration from the night's enigmatic allure, these earrings celebrate the sacred bond between humans and the natural world, making them a symbol of connection and harmony.


๐Ÿ’ง Care Instructions: To preserve the beauty of your earrings, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and perfumes. Gently clean with a soft, dry cloth when needed.


โœจ Specifications โœจ
๐Ÿ“ Length: Approximately 6 cm
๐Ÿ“ Bead Size: 8 mm
๐Ÿ“ Double-sided Owl Charms, Metal Alloy, silver colour (20 x 11 mm)
๐Ÿ”– Material: Genuine Connemara Marble, 925 Sterling Silver


๐ŸŽ Satin Jewellery Pouch: Each pair of earrings comes beautifully packaged in a luxurious Satin Jewellery Pouch, providing a secure and elegant storage solution for your precious earrings.


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