Celtic Shield Knot Necklace 

Connemara Marble Collection


Celts used the Shield Knot to protect and ward away evil spirits from their homes and on the battlefield.

Typically, these knots contain four corners and can be either circular or square. 



• Stainless Steel Celtic Bail


• Round Connemara Marble Bead
Colour: Green
Size: 8 mm 


• Pendant: 
Shield Knot Pendant 
Antiqued Silver Plated
Width:  2,5 cm 
Length: 6 cm


• Silver Stainless Steel Chain with Lobster Claw
Width:   2,2 mm
Length: 46 cm 


Being handcrafted, each necklace is kinda unique and the colour of the bead may slightly be different from the actual picture. 


Shield Knot Necklace

  • Ireland is divided into 4 Provinces, each Province has its own distinctive marble,
    Connemara green marble from West Connaught is probably the best known followed by Kilkenny black from Leinster, the lesser known red marble from Cork-Munster and white marble from Derry-Ulster have their own characterised natural beauty. 


    The Connemara Marble bead used for this jewellery are hand-carved and hand-polish by Gerard in Connemara. 

    This necklace was hand-crafted by myself on Inis Mór, Aran Islands. 



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